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About US

About School of Statistics
About School of Statistics

Statistics education at Beijing Normal University has a history of nearly one hundred years. 

One of the first institutions in China authorized to confer master’s and doctoral degrees in first-level discipline of statistics

One of the first post-doctoral research centers in the first-level discipline of statistics in China 

Statistics and operations research discipline at Beijing Normal University ranked among the top 200 on QS ranking of world universities in 2015.

A disciplinary platform combines economics and science perfectly.

A powerful discipline of statistics based on both arts and science

Backed by powerful disciplines of mathematics, psychology, education, geoscience and business administration and geared towards meeting the practical needs of government department, academic institutions, financial institutions and corporate sector, School of Statistics of Beijing Normal University aims at becoming the first-class statistical science research center and data specialist training center both at home and abroad. The School offers an undergraduate program (statistics that confers the bachelor’s degree in science), two academic postgraduate and doctoral programs (economic statistics that confers economics degree; applied statistics that confers science degree) while at the same time recruiting professional masters of applied statistics  and maintaining a post-doctoral research center for statistics. 

All-doctor faculty and a team for new century 

The School has a passionate, diligent and highly qualified faculty, including 10 professors and 11 doctorial tutors. All teachers at the School have doctoral degrees and 80% of teachers are aged under 45. Included in the faculty are a member of discipline appraisal group of Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, a Cheung Kong scholar, a distinguished youth, three New Century Excellent Researchers and a famous teacher of Beijing. Teachers at the School host a state-level select resource sharing class and a state-level select video open class and constitute an elite team of statistics education practitioners in China.

High-level achievements and heavyweight application

The School enjoys solid scientific research capabilities and fruitful achievements. Over the past years, Our professors hosted over 20 state-level scientific research programs with a total scientific research budget of over 10 million RMB, including three high-value projects and four key projects under the national social science foundation program, 4 projects under the national 973 program and a key philosophy and social science program of the Ministry of Education. Besides that, during the last few years, we published 8 academic papers in the top four statistics magazines (i.e., Annals of StatisticsThe Journal of the Acoustical Society of AmericaJournal of the Royal Statistical Society and Biometrika) and over 200 academic papers in influential Chinese publications including Social Sciences in China, Economic Research, Management World and Statistical Research, as well as over 20 scientific research works, magazines and textbooks. Academic achievements have received significant scientific, technological and policy applications in many fields, earning the School over 20 scientific research awards including cultural and social science research  award for colleges, national statistical research award, Beijing philosophy and social science award and  An Zijie international trade research prize. 

International vision and open schooling

The School emphasizes international exchange and cooperation by establishing partnership with many US, Canadian and Japanese universities and by inviting world-renowned statisticians to the School for open lectures and high-level academic exchange on a regular basis, elaborating internationally advanced teaching practice and prevalent research priorities of statistics in an effort to constantly expand the area of studies and international vision of teachers and students. Currently, the School has established student exchange programs with University of Western Ontario, University of Maryland and Hong Kong Baptist University and sends students for overseas exchange and study on a regular basis while sending doctoral candidates to University of North Carolina and Columbia University for cooperative training, with the percentage of exchange students growing year by year. 

Wide-caliber training and fine management

Focused on creating a training model that combines innovation abilities and professional competency improvement, and by upholding its talent development philosophy of “wide caliber, solid basis, high capabilities and capacity building”, Our School has further reformed its approach to talent development with reference to the training criteria of statistics discipline at world-class universities, explores a process for close connection and resource sharing between undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs, refines the training process and creates and improves a benign training process in line with the growth pattern of application-oriented and academic talent. The student union and graduate student union at the School conduct a wide range of extracurricular activities and encourage students to get involved in various cultural and sports activities on the campus.

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